Shipping Policy

Please be aware that we can only ship an order once we have received full payment.

Once payment has been received, we aim to ship all in-stock items within seven working days. Once the order has been dispatched, the courier company estimates that it will take 5-10 business days for the package to arrive.

International orders are subject to additional shipping costs.

We’ll send you a shipment confirmation email with product tracking information as soon as your order ships. In most cases, the shipping company will need one business day after you receive this notification to verify the tracking information.

Your order may arrive in multiple shipments or directly from our shipping facilities in the United Kingdom, China, Hong Kong, the United States, and Israel, depending on your shipping address and product availability. We only provide estimates for shipping and delivery dates, and we cannot be held liable for any delays caused by courier services or manufacturers.

To ensure you get everything you ordered, make sure you check every box when it arrives. Look for things like power supplies, manuals, and cables. Do not throw away any packaging materials in the unlikely event that you’ll need them for a return. The carrier must be contacted directly by the customer if there is a problem with the shipment. Upon receiving a claim, the carrier has the right to request an inspection of the item.

Customers in the United Kingdom who purchase products from Coin Mining Central will be charged VAT. Coin Mining Central does not charge VAT on any of its international orders. We will not be held responsible for any duties, taxes, or other fees the customer may be required to pay. Customers are responsible for understanding and resolving any customs-related issues. Any costs or expenses incurred as a result of incorrectly calculated taxes and duties on your order are not the responsibility of Coin Mining Central.

Packages that have not been delivered

A small number of packages are returned to us undeliverable. If this happens, we will make every effort to get in touch with you so that we can arrange for a new shipment. To avoid paying for a resend and storage fees if you reject the delivery of a product, you must accept the package.

Please keep in mind that once the products are delivered to the carrier, the delivery is considered complete and the risk of damage or loss is transferred to you. Import duties and taxes in China are not excluded from this calculation. In the event of customs clearance failure, we will not issue a refund.

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