OEM 1800W Power Supply


Product description:

1800 watt OEM power supply.


one.Efficiency greater than 87% at 220V
two.AC input full range design (180 to 240 V)
3.Thermal control technology
Four.Protection Circuit Offer: OVP OPP SCP OCP UVP OTP
5.100% burned at room temperature up to 45 ℃
6.Test 100% High Low Voltage AC 1.5KV 10mA 3Sec
7.Less than 1W standby power, low power consumption
8.Low ripple, quiet
9.MTBF: 100K hours at 25 ℃


  • TypicalShipping hour within 7 business days
  • Full customer support before and after purchase
  • Worldwide delivery via tracked courier service
  • 6 months manufacturer’s warranty for all new miners
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction – 5 Star Customer Reviews


  • Please provide payment proof within 24 hours of placing your order.
  • A unit can be reserved only after payment is received, not when an order is placed online.
  • No refunds will be given on any purchases.
  • https://coinminingmachines.com/payment-options/
  • Warranty information can be found at https://coinminingmachines.com/warranty/.
  • Terms and Conditions: https://coinminingmachines.com/terms-of-use-agreement/


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