IBeLink BM-N1 Nervos CKB Miner 6.6TH/S



Model Antminer BM-N1 from IBeLink CKB mining algorithm with a maximum hashrate of 6.6 Th / s for energy consumption of 2400w.


MakerIBeLink ™
Break freeOctober 2020
Temperature5 – 40 ° C


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IBeLink BM-N1 Nervos CKB Miner 6.6TH/S

The IBeLink BM-n1 is a new generation of the popular IBeLink BM series, which has been used by many miners and pool operators for years now. The BM-n1 is based on the latest technology from Bitmain, with an improved design allowing it to mine at higher hashrates than previous models. It also comes with a redesigned cooling system that makes it run cooler and quieter than ever. This miner is compatible with both Windows and Linux operating systems.

Buy Model Antminer BM-N1 from IBeLink CKB mining algorithm with a maximum hashrate of 6.6 Th / s for energy consumption of 2400w.

 Is IBeLink BM-N1 Nervos CKB Miner 6.6TH/S better than INNOSILICON A10 PRO+ 6GB ETH Miner (500Mh/s)?

  • The BM-N1 is not “better” than the A10 Pro+ but is more powerful in terms of hashing rate.
  • The A10 Pro+ can only produce up to 500 MH/s, while the BM-N1 can produce up to 6.6 TH/s.
  • However, the BM-N1 does have some advantages over the A10 Pro+. For example, the BM-N uses less power, so you’ll be able to use it for longer periods without worrying about running out of electricity.
  •  The BM-N doesn’t require special software or drivers; you only need your OS and a USB port.

If you’re looking for a high-performance GPU miner, then the BM-N1 might be worth checking out. However, if you want something easy to set up and operate, then the A10 Pro+ might be a better choice.


Mineable Coins:

Song of the Eagle, CKB


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