Goldshell – KD2 Kadena Miner (6.4 TH/S)



Model KD2 miner from golden shell mining Kadena with a maximum hashrate of 6.4 J/ s for energy consumption of 830w.


Makergolden shell
ModelKD2 (6.4TH / S)
Break freeMarch 2021
Dimensions264 * 200 * 290
wiresPower supply included
Temperature5 – 35 ° C
Humidity5 – 95%


The GoldShell KD2 Kadena Miner is a great way to get started in the world of Bitcoin Mining.

The Gold Shell KD2 Kadena Miner is a new mining rig designed to be the most efficient and cost-effective way of mining for Kadena, one of the latest coins in the crypto world. The Gold Shell was built to be able to mine at least 6.4TH per Second while maintaining low power consumption. This means you can use it as your main rig or even use it as a secondary rig on top of another rig. It also has a powerful GPU, allowing it to run any coin without worrying about compatibility issues.

What are the advantages of using this miner?

• Low Power Consumption

• High Efficiency

• Compatibility

• Easy to Use

• Best Value For Money

How does it work?

The Gold Shell uses an ASIC chip called the “KD2,” made explicitly for mining KADENA. It’s a very high-performance chip that allows us to achieve our goal of running at 6.4TH per Second while consuming only 830w!

This means that we can efficiently mine at a rate of 6.4TH per SECOND while still having enough power left over to do other things like play games, browse the internet, etc.

Who is it for?

Anyone who wants to get into mining but doesn’t want to spend thousands of dollars on equipment. We’ve created this miner so anyone can enjoy the benefits of mining without breaking the bank.

Mineable Coins:

Goldshell - KD2 Kadena Miner (6.4 TH/S)


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