Extension Signal Cable for Fan



  • This 4-pin extension cable transmits the PWM signal from the motherboard to control the fan speed for maximum control and performance. 
  • It also provides an extra safety measure by preventing the fan from being damaged if the power supply fails or the motherboard is disconnected.
  • The 4-pin extension cable is compatible with all fans with a 4-pin fan header.


4-Pin Extension Cable for Fan

Compatible with All Fans That Have A 4-Pin Fan Header

Length: About 95mm (3.7″)

Material: High-Quality Copper Alloy

Package Content: 1 x 4 Pin Extension Cable For Fan



Extension Signal Cable for Fan

A 4-pin fan connector is used to connect the fan, and the miner is only suitable for built-in miners with a power supply. The extension cable has a length of about 95MM and can be connected directly to the fan without any additional adapters.

Product Description:

Only suitable for built-in miners with power supply, 4-pin

L = 95MM

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