Canaan Avalon Miner 1066 Pro (64TH)



Model AvalonMiner 1066 (50º) from Canaan mining SHA-256 algorithm with a maximum hashrate of fiftyWed / s for energy consumption of 3250W.



AvalonMiner 1066




11.4 kg



Chip size16nm

12038 Fan

Temperature5 – 40
Humidity5 – 95%


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Canaan Avalon Miner 1066 Pro (64TH) is a professional-grade, high-performance miner. It can mine up to 64 TH/s and has an average power consumption of 3250W. The Avalon Miner 1066 Pro is the most powerful mining rig available today. 


  • The Avalon Miner 1066 Pro features a dual-core AMD E1 1207B processor with a 2MB cache running at 3GHz. 
  • This allows it to process transactions faster than any other miner on the market. 
  • In addition, this rig also features two 1GB DDR3 memory modules that allow for more efficient data processing.
  • The Avalon Miner 1066 Pro supports Windows XP and Windows 7 operating systems.
  • It has a built-in fan controller that automatically adjusts its speed based on temperature.
  • It also includes a USB port so users can connect their cooling fans or use one from another device.

Noise level:

Avalon Miner 1066 Pro has a 75db noise level. It also has four fans that run continuously to keep the machine cool.


The profitability of any miner depends on the device that users use while mining. It also depends upon your living area, with higher or lower electricity costs.

Is it for beginners?

Yes, if you have no idea about Bitcoin mining, this is the best choice. You will be able to learn everything in a few hours.

How many watts does the Avalon Miner 1066 pro consume?

It consumes around 3250 Watts.

Does it support Windows 8?

Yes, it supports Windows 8.

Can I install Windows 8 OS on my PC?

Yes, you can install Windows 8 OS on your PC.


Mineable Coins:

Canaan Avalon Miner 1066 Pro (64TH)Canaan Avalon Miner 1066 Pro (64TH)Canaan Avalon Miner 1066 Pro (64TH)Canaan Avalon Miner 1066 Pro (64TH)Canaan Avalon Miner 1066 Pro (64TH)Canaan Avalon Miner 1066 Pro (64TH)Canaan Avalon Miner 1066 Pro (64TH)Canaan Avalon Miner 1066 Pro (64TH)Canaan Avalon Miner 1066 Pro (64TH)


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