Baikal BK-N70 (140KH/s)




Model BK-N70 from Baikal mining 2 algorithms (CryptoNight, CryptoNight-Lite) with a maximum hashrate of 140 kh / s for an energy consumption of 240W.


Model BK-N70
Break freeMay 18
Noise level62db
Temperature0 – 40
Humidity5 – 95%


Baikal manufacturer introducing a new miner is Baikal BK-N70. It comes with two algorithms, CryptoNight and CryptoNight-Lite algorithms. The maximum hash rate of 140kh/s, and the power consumption of 240W.Baikal miners have lower power consumption than other miners in the market.

Simple and Easy:

  • Baikal BK-N70 is user-friendly. That’s why you can mine Bytecoin and Monero Original. 
  • This miner can mine a total of eight coins. It’s easy to use and set up.
  • The Baikal Bk-N70 is an upgraded variant of the Baikal Bk-N series. Like most N Series Baikals, this one also does not come with ASIC support. 
  • That means you won’t be able to manage and monitor the performance of this device while away. 
  • The miner utilizes the Ethernet port and can operate at voltages between 10V and 14V.
 Algorithm of Baikal BK-N70 (140KH/s):


The Baikal BK-N70 (140KH/s)from Baikal is the most profitable miner to mine coins. It comes with two algorithms, CryptoNight and CryptoNight-Lite algorithms.

Temperature and humidity levels:

The operating temperatures for the Baikal BK-N70 (140KH/s)  are between 0°C and 40°C (41°F and 113°F), while the relative humidity levels at which they perform best are between 5% and 9%.

Power Consumption:


Baikal BK-N70 (140KH/s) has one of the most lower power consumption rates. There is no need for the extra power to be able to mine. It’s helpful if you’re looking to buy a miner for yourself or someone else because it helps you decide which one would be best suited for your needs.

Mineable Coins:

It supports significant cryptocurrency as Bytecoin and Monero Original.

Noise level of Baikal BK-N70 (140KH/s):


The noise level of Baikal BK-N70 (140KH/s) is 62db. It comes with only one fan that keeps the device’s internal temperature cool. This device is connected via Ethernet. It consumes 12Voltage. You can easily use them at home and in the office.

Perfect for all:

This is the best choice if you are looking for a lower-power consumption miner with a high hash rate. It has a low noise level compared to other market miners.

Mineable Coins:

Baikal BK-N70 (140KH/s)Baikal BK-N70 (140KH/s)Baikal BK-N70 (140KH/s)Baikal BK-N70 (140KH/s)Baikal BK-N70 (140KH/s)Baikal BK-N70 (140KH/s)Baikal BK-N70 (140KH/s)


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