8x GPU XFX 580 Mining Rig


Benefits of using 8x GPU XFX 580 Mining Rig:

1. High hash rate

2. Low noise level

3. Easy installation

4. Efficient cooling system

5. Long lifespan

6. Good performance

7. Affordable price

8. No maintenance fee

9. Free shipping

10. 100% quality guarantee

11. Fast delivery

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 8x GPU XFX 580 mining rig is the ideal choice for beginners looking to get into mining!


A mining Rig is essential in any cryptocurrency mining operation, and the right choice can make or break your profitability. The most common mistake new miners make is buying a rig that’s too small for their needs. This leads to wasted electricity and money as they struggle to keep up with the hashing power of more efficient rigs. 

If you want to maximize your profits, choosing a mining rig that will give you the best return on investment (ROI) is essential.

The first step towards choosing a mining rig is determining how much computing power you need. 

There are two ways to calculate this:


 1) Determine the amount of coins you plan to mine per day/week/month and then multiply that number by the hash rate of the miner you wish to purchase.

2) Calculate the total cost of the hardware components and divide that figure by the estimated profit margin.

A memory card, mainboard, power supply, and six fans are included.


  • If you’re having trouble with the online consultation, please get in touch with us.
  • Assuming you can find the faulty component or unit. To get warranty service from Pangolin, submit a warranty request.
  • Third, if the Miner or PSU’s PCB / unit has been burnt, rusted or broken, it will be thrown away. Please don’t send it back to me.
  • Customers who disassemble or replace any part of the miner, especially the control boards, without PangolinMiner’s permission will not be able to repair the miner or PSU.
  • Only the defective part should be sent to our repair facility; the accessory should not be sent. Whatsminer / PSU / hash board / control board
  1. In order to avoid damage in transit, it is best to pack the parts carefully and use foam to cushion them. If a damaged part arrives defective, the warranty will not cover it.
  2. B. Print two copies of the repair ticket and stick one on the outside of the package and the other on the inside. If the Repair Ticket is missing, the package will be returned to the sender.
  3. To avoid delays, please be aware that the customer is responsible for all customs clearance fees, so be sure to inform your shipping company of this fact. Custom issues will not be addressed by PangolinMiner. (“Warranty item” is preferable to the lower value of “within $ 50”).
  4. The “MiniServer” (or its “power supply”) should be described in the item description on the waybill, and deliveries should only be made on business days. “Freight Collect” will not be accepted by our company, and all shipments will be returned to the sender. You are responsible for all shipping costs, according to our warranty clause.
  5. For your own safety, do not send any products that are not made by PangolinMiner. Other products will be returned to the sender or thrown away if a package contains them.
  6. For products repaired by another organization, the warranty does not apply.
  7. All the products sold by PangolinMiner have been registered in our systems, so we can only support our Direct Customers. The repair bracket does not include any resold components.

3. Create a ticket for repairs.
a. Go to your PangolinMiner account and log in. b. a.
b. Click on the “YOUR TICKET” option in the “ACCOUNT” interface.
c. “Submit a new ticket” to PM @ pangolinminer.com / invoice @ pangolinminer.com with your warranty request.

d.We’ll begin by conducting an online consultation to learn more about your issue. Fill out a repair ticket form if your issue is covered by a warranty. Stick one outside your package and one inside your package two copies of the repair ticket, printed as described above. Create a new message and include the tracking number from the original ticket in the new message.

4. Out-of-warranty repair instructions are included in this section
The parts or machine can be sent to PangolinMiner for a paid repair if it is out of warranty.
Take a look at Section 3: Your Repair Ticket Is Here. Once the repair is complete, you will receive an invoice. Please note that if the hashboard / part is damaged in transit, we cannot repair it.

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