What is the X11 mining algorithm?

In crypto mining, X11 is one of the most powerful and secure algorithms in the world. It uses a sequence of different hash functions to make sure that cryptocurrency mining is as safe as possible.

If you’ve ever heard of or read about X11, which is a very unique mining algorithm, not just because of its name. The truth is that this algorithm is very different from the algorithms that have been used in other blockchains before. When you mine with X11, there isn’t just one hash function that you use. This is different from SHA-256 (the algorithm for Bitcoin) or Scrypt. Instead, X11 has 11 different hash functions that are used in a specific order to get the final hash of a block.

It’s hard, don’t you think? Because it’s so good at technical and cryptographic things, though, it’s still a lot more safe and secure. But where did X11 come from? How does this thing work? And what blockchain and cryptocurrency projects do they use it for, too? It’s all below.

Blockchains using X11 Algorithm

Dash is one of the blockchains that use X11 as a mining algorithm. Dash was the reason this algorithm was made. Dash, on the other hand, uses a hybrid mining system that combines PoW (X11) and Proof of Stake or PoS (Masternodes) to make a network that has unique abilities. This is how Dash works now.

Dash isn’t the only cryptocurrency that uses the same technology as X11. It’s used by a group of other blockchains and currencies that may be called “shitcoins” because they don’t do anything new or interesting. It doesn’t take a lot of money to make these shitcoins: CannabisCoin, AX, PinkCoin, BolivarCoin, Proxynode, or ProxynNode don’t have more than $200,000.

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