What is the CryptoNight mining algorithm?

As a result, the CryptoNight Mining Algorithm makes use of a lot of processing power, but it is also very resistant to ASICs. In the long run, the goal is to allow more people to mine cryptocurrencies that use them, as well as to make the cryptocurrencies that use them more private and anonymous.

The best way to mine for cryptocurrency is CryptoNight. You might have heard of it. These two algorithms are part of a well-known protocol called CryptoNote, which this one is a part of. It needs the Proof of Work (PoW) mining method to work. As a rule, it doesn’t want to be used by things like ASICs or FPGAs.

They say it is a very fast way to hash. Another thing that makes it good is that it runs a lot of cryptographic tests that depend on the cache of the CPU processors. That’s not the only reason it’s very safe. In some versions of it, the AES encryption algorithm is even thought of as military-level encryption. Its core or cryptographic core is made up of this algorithm.

Everything that CryptoNight does makes it a mining algorithm that is very concerned about security, and that has been its main way of making money in the crypto world so far. This led to a rise in popularity for CryptoNight because Monero used it as a hash algorithm for the consensus of its blockchain. This opened up a space for it in the crypto world.

Blockchains that use the algorithm

BTN was the first blockchain to use CryptoNight. This means that it was the first one to use it. In fact, Monero has been the place where this algorithm has been used the most often. Another blockchain that used it was Monero, which came after it. However, Monero doesn’t use this algorithm anymore. Rather, they use RandomX, which is a completely new version of CryptoNight that can’t be mined by ASICs for at least a long time and will keep being mined for a very long time.

You don’t have to be a member of CryptoNight to use this blockchain! ETN, which stands for Electroneum, is another cryptocurrency. It was made so that mobile devices can be full nodes and miner nodes.

Cryptocurrency to Mine with CryptoNight Algorithm

  • Monero-Classic (XMC)
  • Dero (DERO)
  • LuKa (LUK)
  • Bytecoin (BCN)
  • Karbo (KRB)
  • Ditcoin (DIT)
  • Dinastycoin (DCY)
  • Fantomcoin (FCN)
  • PluraCoin (PLURA)
  • LeviarCoin (XLC)
  • BitCoal (COAL)
  • X12Coin (X12)
  • BipCoin (BIPC)
  • Ragnarok Coin (RAGNA)
  • Rawcoin (XRCN)
  • ManateeCoin (MTCN)
  • Xeonbit (XNB)
  • Beldex (BDX)
  • PlatinCoin (PLCOIN)
  • Monero Original (XMO)
  • Bitvote (BTV)
  • Dashcoin (DSH)
  • Brazukcoin (BZK)
  • Deutercoin (DECO)
  • Superior Coin (SUPP)
  • CoinLegacY (CLY)
  • Royalties (XRY)
  • CrepCoin (CREPP)
  • RedWind (RD)
  • NXBoost (NXB)

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