What is CryptoNight Lite Algorithm?

A new version of the CryptoNight hashing algorithm called CryptoNight Lite has been released. CryptoNight Lite was made by the Aeon cryptocurrency team. It was made with a unique source code. You can get coins like TurtleCoin, Iridium, and more that use CryptoNight Lite today. This is how it works: CryptoNight Lite shares all of the ideas that CryptoNight-based algorithms were built on. CryptoNight Lite wants to help people make crypto that has a smooth decrease in emission, untraceable transactions, blockchain analysis resistance, and efficient CPU mining.

Requirement of CryptoNight-Lite Algorithm

If you want to use CryptoNight, you’ll need about 2 MB of memory. This is the minimum size of the L3 cache on modern processors. This amount of RAM was put in place to stop ASICs from being used for CryptoNight-based coins. It was thought that many ASICs were not built to process 2MB of RAM while mining, and if they were, it would cost a lot of power and make it less efficient. However, current ASICs can mine CryptoNight-based coins, and only algorithms with huge scratchpads counted in GBs can be said to be ASIC-resistant. Cryptonight Lite was made for low-end computers because it has a smaller scratchpad for hashing and doesn’t use as much space. Instead of having 2 MB of RAM, CryptoNight Lite only has 1 MB of RAM. As a result of the smaller scratchpad size, mining only takes half as many steps as the original CryptoNight does. As ASIC mining is no longer limited by RAM requirements, CryptoNight Lite is just presenting a more equal approach to mining equipment requirements.

Coins to Mine with CryptoNight-Lite Miners

  • 2ACoin
  • AdonCoin
  • BBSCoin
  • BitcoinNova
  • BitcoiNote
  • Bitsum
  • Bittorium
  • intuCoin
  • Iridium
  • Monkeytips
  • NashCash
  • NazaCoin
  • Secure Cash
  • UltraNote
  • Zent Cash
  • Triton
  • WeChain Coin

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